About Alberts-Langdon, Inc.

Founded in 1960 by Russell Alberts and Laura Langdon, two art enthusiasts, Alberts-Langdon, Inc. is one of the oldest and well-respected Asian Art dealers in America. Alberts-Langdon, Inc. now specializes in customized consulting for sellers and buyers of Asian objects and works of art.

Dennis Mortimer of Alberts Langdon, Inc.

About Dennis Mortimer

Since 2000, Alberts-Langdon, Inc. has been in the trusted hands of owner Dennis Mortimer, an expert in the field of Asian Art. Dennis is a seasoned traveler who joined Alberts-Langdon over twenty-two years ago. After spending a decade traveling, visiting sacred sites and living in Asia, Dennis returned to America to work for Russell Alberts in 1993.  Dennis has refined and expanded his skills as an art consultant and appraiser through both formal and informal training.